President and CEO - Patrick D. Cook, PhD ABD

Historically speaking, the knowledge and art of "tailoring," cutting and sewing cloth, are the two basic aspects of constructing clothes from a pattern. For an extended period of time, cloth had been the distinguishing feature of garments, and the weaver took most of the responsibility for the design.

But little by little, the tailor took on equal importance with the weaver, and gradually came to overshadow him. Master tailors eventually became responsible for the clothing needs of society, and the art and science of tailoring became a highly specialized, complex, and jealously guarded craft.  Tailor Made Training and Consulting, LLC continues that tradition - with knowledge as our craft.

Tailor Made Training and Consulting, LLC is a privately owned limited liability company, owned by U.S Army and Gulf War Veteran Patrick D. Cook.  Cook served in the United States Army for over 12 years with tours in Germany, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.  In combat, Cook fought in The Battle of 73 Easting – a decisive tank battle fought on 26 February 1991, during the Gulf War, between United States and British armored forces against those of the Iraqi Republican Guard.  Cook received many awards and decorations for his Military Service, most notably:

Over the past decade, Mr. Cook has worked as a professional Software Engineer working with Java, SOA, Web 2.0, AJAX, and Network Security just to name a few.  Most recently, Mr. Cook has been involved in managing and leading projects that ranged from large web applications to comprehensive service oriented security solutions. Mr. Cook's sound leadership and strong business acumen has earned him many awards and recognitions for his contributions:

Mr. Cook's most recently accomplishments include:

As an accomplished military soldier and an esteemed technology professional, Mr. Cook has combined civilian and military experiences into a preeminent manager's training module. This training is capable of motivating new and seasoned employees into adaptive leaders who are proficient in building teams, as well as, strategic and tactical execution.

He received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs (UCCS) in 2002 and completed his Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2006. Cook also has been active with the Masons for over 17 years, and is the founding president of the Omicron Pi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs - the first black fraternity in the University’s history.

Cook has made a tremendous impact in his community from both a technological and a professional standpoint. Cook is a recognized subject matter expert in the areas of Computer Science and consistently blogs about mathematics. His blog, "The Common Denominator" addresses issues and concerns associated with mathematics and math education.

He is a respected leader and a role model who inspires others, both professional and junior, by consistently demonstrating his passion for technology and a desire to continuously excel.  Mr. Cook is the host of "Current Events with Patrick Cook," a Internet talk radio show that provides a platform to discuss breaking news in business, sports, entertainment, and politics.